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Geo-conference Where 2.0 has launched in San Jose, where all the big players in everything geo will be giving presentations and launching new features.

Microsoft seem to be first out the gate with loads of new imagery for Virtual Earth, including Bird’s Eye coverage of London.

Google have also launched new imagery in the form of street level views for 5 U.S. cities. It’s similar to A9′s version, but with a much nicer interface.1

Culminating with the end of the conference is the Google Developer Day, to be held in ten cities worldwide. Google will surely be launching a few new features at this event, whilst teaching all those in attendance how to best make use of their various APIs.

I’ll be at the London Developer Day, but unfortunately it’s too much of a trek for Alex to make it down from Edinburgh. So, if you are at the event and you see a man in a Google Sightseeing T-shirt please come and say “hi”.

  1. I was surprised to see that Street view requires Adobe’s Flash player, given all the praises that were initially sung about Google Maps’ Ajax interface. 

3 Responses to “Where 2.0 & Google Developer Day”

  1. Alex Turnbull Says:

    Wow, that street view is awesome. I can just plonk my little avatar down anywhere on one of the mapped streets, and look all around. For example in front of this church thing – or at any other point along the streets.

    Very very cool.

  2. Alex Turnbull Says:

    wowzers – have you tried using the keyboard to navigate the street level views? Or clicking and dragging side to side?

  3. James Turnbull Says:

    It’s a whole new kind of Sightseeing!

    Google Employees in Mountain View.

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