May 27th, 2009

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been slowly rolling out Unfeedr, a new Twitter-based site for cataloguing rubbish RSS feeds that you don’t read anymore.

The story begins with an idle thought about starting another blog which I wouldn’t have time to write, this time focussing on RSS feeds that I’d unsubscribed from and why. I happily subscribe to loads of new RSS feeds, but find it much more effort to later on unsubscribe (“OMG, what If I miss something?”) so it takes a good series of awful posts or annoying behaviour to make me leave. I thought that documenting these reasons might make interesting reading.


Of course, I did nothing about this, until Alex noticed another Tweet from Guardian columnist Jemima Kiss, where she announced her reasons for unsubscribing from a feed with an obvious pang of regret. The public feedback and snappy reasoning cemented the idea that anyone could report on feeds via the medium of Twitter, and all we had to do is aggregate the results.


And so Unfeedr was born. Think of it not as a forum for hating on crappy blogs1, but as a way of feeding-back to content providers about why you gave them up. It’s your way of saying “I’m sorry, it’s just not working out” to all those blogs clogging up your reader.


The site is still being developed, next on the list is a leader-board for the most unsubscribed feeds, but we’d be delighted if you could send a few feeds over2 and give us your feedback.

  1. Although sometimes that’s exactly what’s necessary 

  2. Even if it’s to say that you’re unsubscribing from Rotacoo.com for “hardly ever posting, and when you do it’s just to promote your new nonsense website”. 

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  1. Lon Kontos Says:

    I tried grabbing the RSS Feed for this site but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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