Tumbleweed, and some links.

July 24th, 2007

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We seem to have been neglecting Rotacoo recently, having posted nothing of worth for the whole of June & July. I shan’t bore you with the usual excuses of work, holidays and commitment to Google Sightseeing.

Some interesting things that I’ve wanted to post somewhere:

  • Varnish Cache: The saviour of Google Sightseeing’s load issues, the Varnish “HTTP accelerator” (or reverse-proxy) needs more exposure for WordPress bloggers outgrowing their hosting platforms.

  • On Sunday afternoon I conducted a short poll of those carrying books around the baggage reclaim area of Heathrow airport. The results were 9 Harry Potter to 4 “other” books. No surprise then that it’s already the best selling book of all time.

  • Giant rubber duckie: I love oversized things as “art”, and this Rubber Duckie is possibly the best ever. Please someone get an aerial shot for Google Earth.

  • Tomorrow is Oxford Geek Night 3 which I’ve been looking forward to since May. As an added bonus the first drink is on Google!

3 Responses to “Tumbleweed, and some links.”

  1. Olly Says:

    Wow! The Oxford Geek Night has a pretty good selection of big name speakers. Makes me wish I was a bit further South…

  2. James Turnbull Says:

    You’re welcome to visit anytime!

  3. Alex Says:

    Oops, has it been that long? Well, um, stuff!

    That Giant Rubber Duck is teh awesum!

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