#fridaymix at OGN

August 4th, 2010

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Here’s the microslot talk on #fridaymix that I gave last month at Oxford Geek Night 18

James Turnbull – #fridaymix from Torchbox on Vimeo.

The talk went down well, and all the Oxford Geeks were very positive, but I’m most proud of the slides I created.

I started by buying blank tapes, new and shrinkwrapped from eBay, for the amazingly-cheap price of just over £10 for 20 blank tapes. I don’t know how old the tapes really are, but they look like they were manufactured just yesterday.

I then designed simple inlays for the various fridaymix themes, and throughly enjoyed slicing them up just like I did many years ago. I hoped to actually record samples of the fridaymix playlists onto the tapes, but was hampered by a lack of any actual tape recording equipment.

However, I did take the blank tapes along to the event, and managed to persuade at least 5 geeks that a blank 60 minute tape was exactly what they needed that evening.

Many thanks to J-P Stacy and co. for organising Geek Night, Matthew for photographing the tapes, Annika for supplying a tape player and Alex for tidying up the images.

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