Social Piping with Tarpipe

November 27th, 2008

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I discovered Tarpipe via the deluge of tips that is Lifehacker, and I’ve been really impressed so far.

The idea is that you create a workflow for posting to social media sites. The input can be email, application or bookmarklet, and it allows you to build datapaths for different bits of information – which can then be posted automagically to your various social media accounts (Twitter, Delicious, Flickr etc.)

The really clever bit is that you can pass the data through various other services on the way. In the first one I built, anything received (in this case at the email address associated with this particular workflow) is routed to Delicious and Twitter, but the Twitter posts are sent to TinyURL first.

This means that over at Google Sightseeing we’ll be able to use the Delicious feed to bookmark the original URL, whilst simultaneously posting a short URL for our Twitter followers.

In the example above, I have additionally routed the Twitter and Delicious URLs back into a email, which is received by whoever sent the original message – giving confirmation that both posts were completed successfully.

The developer has posted a video showing something even cleverer – he uses Evernote‘s automatic OCR technology to create tags that are applied to the image as it is added to Flickr. Genius!

We’d like to see WordPress support added, and also found that the module is a bit broken, but if the developer keeps adding more services, and perhaps more importantly, more functionality – then Tarpipe could become an absolutely essential tool in the online arsenal.

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