RSS Fatigue

January 10th, 2008

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I’ve just managed, for the very first time, to get my Google Reader unread count down to zero. And I’m very proud of this achievement.


I’m not the best at keeping on top of my 257 feeds, and having recently moved house I’ve been without the internet for a week or two. So the unread count was waaaaay over 1000, which is where Reader just calls it “1000+”. This is presumably because it thinks you’ve given up trying to read everything.

The reason for undertaking the mammoth task of actually reading my feeds was today’s announcement that top Mac newsreader NetNewsWire has been made freeware, along with web based access via Newsgator and syncing between computers.

I wanted to move my reading to NetNewsWire, but OPML (the standard file format for describing feed subscriptions) doesn’t support keeping a track of what I’ve read. So to make the jump I had to get everything read, and then start afresh. Which is what I’ve done!1

Oh dear, NNW tells me I have 20 unread posts in the time it took to write this post…

  1. I’m pretending that the 30 or so tabs I have now open in Safari don’t count. 

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  1. Ross Says:

    When you say “read”, you mean pressed m and marked them as read, right? ;)

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