Review: Sumo Beanbag

May 6th, 2009

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At the end of last year, the kind folks at Sumo sent us one of their Omni beanbags to try out. Presumably due to the upcoming christmas rush, they could only offer 3 of the 7 available colour options: Day-glo Orange, Tear-inducing Pink or the Why-didn’t-I-choose-that-option White. We opted for the Orange.

Upon the Omni’s speedy arrival, the first thing we noticed is that it’s absolutely massive, much bigger than we expected. It just amount squeezed into the corner of the room but, especially in orange, it still imposed.

Sumo claim there 10 different ways you can sit on it, which are each sort-of demonstrated on the site. However, I’d strongly advise against the “straddle it like a horse” mode, as it managed to very much hurt me in a way only men can get hurt.

In the end, we found the simple “use it as a chair” and “lie on the floor” modes the comfiest, but part of the fun is chucking it around to switch modes. Unfortunately, during this chucking around, we discovered that the Omni had been damaged in transit, and a small tear was leaking beans.

Sumo said this was very rare, and kindly arranged for a replacement beanbag to be sent to review instead. This second bag was the red colour option which, while still far from subtle, is much more pleasing on the eyes.

For proper testing, the replacement has been thrown around which much vigour, and has been very hardy. Due to space constraints it even spent some time as an outside cushion without suffering any noticeable damage. The “wipe clean” material, while not great for extended hours of sitting, does do a good job of repelling mud, tea and baby-puke stains.

All in all the Sumo beanbag is a fun, yet at times quite impractical, addition to the furniture. We’d certainly recommend one if you have lots of empty space in your living room.

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