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March 14th, 2009

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Last year I posted a lengthy spiel on various Google Street View related bits and bobs, which ended with my prediction that Street View would be available in the UK by the “end of the year”.

And somehow it’s now March. Which makes me totally wrong!

However, it does seem that when compared with the other European countries, Google are being extremely thorough with the mapping of the UK. The camera cars have been spotted up and down the country for the last 9 months and were just this weekend touring Dumfries and Galloway. I wouldn’t want to make another completely wrong prediction, but I think that when we eventually do see Street View for the UK it’s going to have an astonishing level of coverage.

One predication that I may have been correct on, is that once the camera cars were finished in the UK they’d head back to their homeland for a tour of Ireland. Silicon Republic is reporting that Google will next week start training the drivers ahead of a tour of the country’s five main cities. So perhaps the UK mapping effort is finally wrapping up?

Also mildly related is this photo of the Street View camera bike that is now touring the car-inaccessible areas of New York. There’s been none of those spotted in the UK yet!

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