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To celebrate our 1000th post on Google Sightseeing, we’re officially launching our company blog, called Rotacoo, with a rundown of the highlights from some of the stats and figures generated over the past 22 months since we launched Google Sightseeing.

  • There are currently 1000 posts and 10,998 comments, contained within 197 categories
  • We’ve posted 60 site news entries
  • We’ve had to move host 4 times because we kept outgrowing them
  • Our most popular category is Buildings with 196 entries
  • Our most popular country is the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada and then Germany
  • Our most popular state category is California, with 99 entries
  • We currently have 11,315 RSS readers through Feedburner
  • Akismet has protected the site from at least 83,351 spam comments since we installed it last year


In May of 2005, just one month after the site was launched, Google Sightseeing had 196,228 unique visitors. We only installed Google Analytics in November of that year, so the following chart only begins half-way through that month.

Daily Visitors, 13th Nov 05 – 31st Jan 06

visitorgraph31jan2007small.gif Daily unique visitors as reported by Google Analytics (Click to enlarge).

In September 2006 we posted the infamous topless sunbather, which (thanks to a major Digging) was seen by over 60,000 people in one day.

The enormous interest in the story meant that over the course of the month we clocked up over 1.7 million page views, making it our busiest month ever (even despite our extensive downtime). The second huge peak was our followup story, the Top 10 Naked People in Google Earth (again getting picked up by Digg), although it’s only higher because we’d moved hosts by that time and the server was better set up to handle the traffic.

The graph represents a staggering 3,194,852 absolute unique visitors to Google Sightseeing since the 13th November 2005.


When we first launched nearly 2 years ago, we inititally got discovered through del.icio.us, which was brand new at the time, and frequented by many “early adopters” – which might explain why in the first month, only 48.2% of our visitors used Internet Explorer, and 35% used Firefox.

Amazingly, the growth of Firefox has meant that today’s more balanced stats show Internet Explorer accounting for 55% of all our users, and yet Firefox still makes up 35%! Of the 55% who use IE, 31% have already upgraded to IE7.


We’ve had an incredible 10,998 legitimate comments on the site (most of them correcting our facts and/or spelling), and here’s the top ten commenters based on the email address supplied:

  1. Alex (admin) – 306
  2. rob – 215
  3. cookie monster (under various aliases) – 197
  4. James (admin) – 130
  5. Tim – 120
  6. Keith – 98
  7. Luke – 87
  8. gIMpSTa – 68
  9. Peter – 66
  10. Propaganda – 64

So that brings us to the end of this celebratory first annual report. Thank you to everyone who helped us get this far, including all those who blogged or wrote about us, everyone who linked to us, and especially everyone who contributed on the site through comments or submissions.

See you in another 1000 posts!

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