We’re Refreshed

April 8th, 2007

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This weekend Edinburgh was graced with Scotland’s first “proper” web conference: The Highland Fling. The speakers were all excellent, and gave me loads of ideas for things I’d like to implement in both my day job and night job. Stand-out talks were Mark Norman Francis on Graded Browser Support and Andy Budd on some of the best features we should be trying out from CSS3. Olly has a good write-up of the day.

The next day the tables were turned, and some of the speakers from The Highland Fling saw what Scotland had to offer at the Refresh Edinburgh conference. Matt Riggott and John Sutherland were the hosts, and Matt’s employers, Line had kindly offered up a fantastic venue. The room promoted a laid-back feel with Tennent’s artwork and a Tuk-tuk in the corner.

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Scottish Web Events

February 25th, 2007

After years of not much happening, there’s been a sudden surge of Web Development related events happening around Scotland.

The only proper web conference Edinburgh has had in the past was WWW2006, but the cost was stupidly prohibitive (£750 a person!) so I didn’t bother attending.

Now, over the next couple of months, there are at least 3 major events on my calender:

March 3rdBarCamp
I’m still holding out for an invite to this year’s Foo Camp, but the “anyone’s welcome” un-conference of Bar Camp will be a good start.

April 5thThe Highland Fling
The Highland Fling is all about “Progressive enhancement” and has lots of big name speakers over the course of one day.

April 6thRefresh Edinburgh
Refresh is about “refreshing all aspects of new media endeavours in and around Edinburgh”. There’s plans to hold an event the day after the Highland Fling where Scotland’s developers and designers can get together and get drunk.

Myself and Alex are planning on doing a short presentation about the technical underpinnings of Google Sightseeing at Refresh, so if you are near Edinburgh please come along and heckle us.